Experts highlight importance of exposure to natural light during winter

The days might be getting longer, but many people may still be grateful for the roof lights and skylights in their homes to keep their rooms well lit.

This is because roof lights and skylights help to maximise the amount of natural light which can filter through into a property.

According to Joyce Shanks, a Dollard des Ormeaux reflexologist, it is important to get as much exposure to natural light as possible during the gloomier months as this can help fend off the winter blues.

Indeed, Ms Shanks told Canwest Publishing she now sets herself as many gardening tasks as possible during November in a bid to get out of doors as much as she can.

"I used to get bummed at this time of year," she told the news provider.

"But my system is more balanced now. I eat better and that helps."

The notion that an improved diet as well as natural light can help improve mood during winter is backed up by Hani Iskander, a psychiatrist who specialises in seasonal affective disorder at the Douglas Institute in Verdun.

He advocates "lots of green vegetables, fish, sushi and chocolate – especially if its at least 70 per cent cacao [as] it boosts serotonin".