Expert tips for growing cucumbers

Gardening enthusiasts may be interested to read the tips offered by one vegetable grower on how to achieve the perfect cucumber.

Lia Leendertz, writing on the Guardians gardening blog, claims to have "sussed" how to grow cucumbers in greenhouses.

Drawing on advice given by the Real Seed catalogue, Ms Leendertz placed three plants in one large tub in her glasshouse.

Watering the vegetables and placing three canes in the plant pot to allow them to climb up helped them grow, she writes.

Commenting on her cucumber prowess, she said: "They are so little trouble and are just pumping out those sweet, white, mini cukes."

The growing has been so successful they satisfy the appetite of her whole family, she adds.

Cucumbers can make delicious additions to many meals, according to Philadelphia Daily News.

The feature states they are refreshing in summer and can be used to create great gazpacho soup and tzatziki.

Another use for the vegetable is to scoop out the flesh and stuff with seafood, salad or gazpacho soup.