Expert suggests slow-release fertiliser

Garden expert Melinda Myers has recommended that gardeners consider using a slow-release fertiliser.

The key to the success of these fertilisers, according to Ms Myers, is that they are coated with materials like sulphur to control the release of a small amount of nutrients over a long period of time.

The green-fingered expert 25 years told that this course of action acts to reduce the risk of burn as well as ensuring that plants have access to a constant helping of nutrients.

"This means less work for you. One application lasts a long time, often the whole season," she commented.

Miss Myers, who has 24 years of horticulture experience, went on to add that most manufacturers will label their products to clearly identify that they are slow release.

It is good practice to check the Guaranteed Analysis on the back of the bag for the percent of Water Insoluble Nitrogen (WIN).

"The higher the percent the more slow release nitrogen in the mix," Ms Myers said.

Last February Which? reviewed 15 slow-release fertilisers to unearth the top buys.