Expert advice in the garden and greenhouse with new sensor

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts in Japan could soon be given a helping hand by some top horticulture experts.

 A new product, which keeps tabs on soil moisture and sun intensity is set to be trialled in the country.

The Docomo Garden Sensor works with the iPhone and sends information to gardening gurus over Wi-Fi, who then give feedback and advice over how gardeners should proceed.

Set to be launched in Japan next year, the sensors will cost between $20 and $30 each and could later be rolled out across the world if they are a success.

Meanwhile, KSEE Sunrise presenter Faith Sidlow recently spoke to master gardener Carole Grosch, who gave listeners some container gardening advice.

She said this type of horticulture is perfect for those who like to change the location of their plants.

It is also useful for those who wish to grow invasive plants without them taking over.