Experimental home reaches for the Skye

Architect Mary Arnold-Foster has spoken of the seemingly fun time she spent creating an experimental home on the Isle of Skye.

Speaking to Caroline Ednie from the Times Online, she explains that the development of the Shed – so named as a tribute to the local farm-building tradition of the area – was a "good experience".

The structure makes use of glass sliding doors to provide the building with natural light.

Ms Arnold-Foster explains that despite being "quite tough", the storms that ravage Skye are frightening, adding that there are three shutters than can be battened down when the weather turns nasty.

"The storm shutters are like external curtains, and really help with the wind-chill factor. The steel shade also allows me to hang a solar shade over the sheets of glass on the south, to filter the sun in the summer," she concludes.

Meanwhile, online resource Independent.ie recently reported that award-winning designer Danielle MacInnes made extensive use of glass in her own property.