Expand in January with a greenhouse, journalist says

Gardening enthusiasts should use January to think about how to improve their outside space by incorporating a greenhouse or a pond, an expert has suggested.

Writing for the Guardian, Caroline Foley stated this time of years is perfect for dealing with construction and planning, which could include improving paths or adding a polytunnel.

It is also a great moment to check through the latest catalogues to find out what is worth buying for the coming year, Ms Foley added.

Her tips for the best brochures to consult were those published by Organic Gardening, Seeds of Italy and the Real Seed Company.

In terms of seeds, she recommended the bright red Losetto cherry tomato, as well as the hardy Below Zero leek, which can come through heavy snowfall unscathed.

Writing in the Salisbury Post last month, Darrell Blackwelder offered similar advice to Ms Foley, saying planning should be every gardener’s top new year’s resolutio