Exotic fruit for skin products

It has always been well documented that fruit is good for the body, but now exotic fruit is being used in a range of new skin products.

Brazilian Fruit is to release a new line of products containing plants and fruits from South America, according to Brazzilmag.com.

Brazilian Fruit partner and director Veronika Rezzani explained that the fruits are a key ingredient.

"They are products that add the quality of fruit to the production of cosmetics, aligned with the concept of Brazil," she said.

Although growing exotic fruits like acai in the UK may prove extremely difficult due to the differences in climate, keen gardeners can have a go at growing a range of more exotic fruits in the greenhouse.

Mango, lychee and avocado plants can grow happily in greenhouses, giving fruit every year.

Although fruit extract is regularly used externally in skin products, the regular consumption of five fruit and veg a day will go a long way towards improving the health of the skin.