Even temperature and high humidity needed for home orchids

Homeowners looking to bring some visible beauty to their properties through growing orchids have been told to ensure that they should remain in an environment with an even temperature for the best results.

Speaking to the Daily Express, Christopher Ryan, who is an orchid expert that works in Londons Kew Gardens, has provided wannabe growers with some insider tips.

He specifically highlighted that numerous varieties of orchids can be successfully grown as house plants, but it is essential not to forget the type of background they originate from.

Mr Ryan told the publication: "The main thing to remember is where the original plants have come from. Many orchids are used to having their roots out in the open and dry. You need to recognise that in watering.

"Keep them in an area of the house that has an even temperature – not next to a window thats opened and closed all the time."

He added that standing a pot on a shallow tray of deep pebbles will help to boost humidity.

Among the types of orchids that can be grown inside a home or in a conservatory are Cambria, Dendrobium, Howeara and Stenoglottis.