Even taller glazed building set to dwarf all others

In a time where quality is reaching its pinnacle for architects across the globe, competing projects in the United Arab Emirates are aiming to outdo each other with taking that quality to a massive scale.

Following the news that Emaar Properties is expected to complete the new worlds tallest building (The Burj Dubai) within the next year, another project that heavily features glass in its design was announced by rival firm Nakheel in Dubai.

The Harbour & Tower Project is expected to hold not only a small town, but actual ships too as the worlds first inner city harbour.

Although unlikely to be completed for around a decade, the project will eventually be home to around 55,000 people and include a tower with a height of more than 1 km.

This is expected to surpass the Burj Dubai in the height stakes, although the final height of that building is yet to be announced.

The one of a kind project is set to cost in the region of £20 billion and will include around 40 towers with four main structures linked by sky bridges forming the main building, effectively building a skyscraper-city.

But perhaps the most impressive thing about the project will be its exterior look. Artists impressions show the project as a monument to the power of glass in modern design – like a great glass arrow pointing more than 3,000 feet in the air.