Establish a routine with borders

Horticulturalists should establish routine habits with regard to their gardening endeavours, an industry commentator has suggested.

Gardening expert Heather Aston writes in online resource the Daily Telegraph, noting that some maintenance tasks need to be carried out weekly, while others can be done only once or twice per year.

However, she notes that more hard work will result in greater enjoyment and appreciation of a gardens plants.

Ms Aston explains that many tasks need to be carried out such as weeding, hoeing, feeding, planting and checking for diseases and pests.

"To maintain a healthy stock, shrubs and plants should be propagated throughout the year. Most shrubs, such as buddleia and rock rose, can be propagated in early autumn by taking soft-wood cuttings; other shrubs, such as dogwood and willow, can be propagated by hard-wood cuttings," she comments.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Tribune notes that environmentally-aware gardeners could well reduce the need for chemical fertilisers in their crops by making use of compost.