Essential Garden Tools


The planting season is well and truly under way and so to give you a helping hand we have compiled a list of the essential tools you will need to get you through the season. Whether you are a first timer or experienced gardener, we hope we can provide a few helpful pointers or maybe just a quick reminder;

1) Weeders – Nobody likes weeds growing in the cracks of the garden path and it is essential to get at them before they do real damage. A weeder is a half screw driver, half two toned fork, and are really handy to remove those taproots that can be difficult to extract.

2) Hosepipes and water wands – If you have a larger garden or lawn, then a hosepipe is the ideal way to ensure your soil is moist. But beware those hosepipe bans!

3) A shovel – A must for any gardener. If you have a garden, you need a shovel.  One of the primary tools of the art of gardening.

4) A Rake – Essential for clearing debris and biomass from your garden. Essential in autumn for clearing leaves.

5) A hat – A good hat will keep your head warm in winter and provide shade in summer. If you spend hours in the garden, you need to be prepared to withstand all the elements.

6) Kneeling apparatus – If you have bad knees, then kneeling apparatus is essential. You can buy softened, raised platforms from most garden centres.

7) Shears – If you want to keep your hedges, trees and shrubs trim then a pair of shears is the tool you need. Simple and effective, the repetitive click of the shears can be one of the most therapeutic activities that can be undertaken in the garden.

8) Scissors – Great for snipping herbs and smaller plants, scissors allow you to tend to the more delicate parts of your garden.

9) Heavy duty gloves – They will keep your hands warm and provide protection from all sorts of gardening dangers.

Whilst the list above is relatively simple, it is the small details which will add up to you having the perfect garden. We’d love to hear some of your tool tips.

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