Ergonomic gardening tools a benefit

The potential benefits of ergonomically-designed gardening tools were recently outlined by an expert.

Lisa Howe, an occupational therapist at the sports and therapy department of St Johns Mercy Medical Centre, makes her comments in online resource Suburban Journals.

She suggests that not all tools of this variety are the same and adds that a higher price does not always indicate that a certain piece of equipment works the best.

"The whole idea rests with us to be as physically gentle on our body as possible, yet gets the tasks done," Ms Howe notes.

Continuing, she also suggests that gardeners should stretch before and after gardening as muscles that are not warmed up or are overused tighten and can hurt.

Gardeners were urged to not "overdo it".

"Dont plant all 200 flowers, dont move the whole pile of mulch in one day. Split it up," Ms Howe concludes.

Meanwhile, online resource the Houston Peach recently advised horticulturalists to pay close attention to all labels on gardening pesticides.