Enthusiastic amateurs created greenhouse and garden website

Founder of Hopeful Gardener Michael Chandler explained he and his team were no experts when they created the resource.

He revealed the name came up in conversation about how even experienced growers reach a stage where they have to leave things be and hope mother nature does her work.

“It is also a superb way of describing ourselves, as we have limited gardening knowledge but an abundance of enthusiasm,” he said.

Marketing manager of the online resource Sam Gilson said the founders decided to set it up due to a lack of available tools for sale on the internet.

He added a surge in the popularity of horticulture also played a part in their decision to proceed with the venture earlier this year.

Meanwhile, the Royal Horticultural Society has been doing its best to increase interest in garden and greenhouse activities by holding Dig Together Days, where growers were encouraged to teach others what they kn