Energy-saving improvements will help boost appeal

The days of antiquated conservatories which allow draughts in and hot air out are well and truly gone.

Modern conservatories seek to protect the home and its residents from the elements and can even insulate the home while attracting heat from the sun.

Now, a top property expert has told landlords that they can increase the appeal of a property by investing in energy-efficiency.

The new Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) scheme has just been launched in Scotland, and National Landlords Association (NLA) spokesman Anthony Zahara explained that they will show potential tenants how energy-efficient the property is.

"Landlords were already investing in energy-saving measures prior to the launch of the EPC and this is in response to growing market demand for energy-efficient properties," he said.

"If you have got an energy-efficient property that will show up on the EPC, then tenants are going to be more attracted to those sorts of properties."

Landlords in Scotland who dont comply with the EPC legislation are subject to substantial fines.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, around 27 per cent of the UKs carbon dioxide emissions come from residential property.