Energy bills lower with modern products

The building materials used in modern developments result in lower energy bills, it has been claimed.

Steve Matthews, sales director for property developer Persimmon Homes East Midlands, says that new homes typically generate up to 60 per cent less carbon dioxide.

He adds that the greater insulation in terms of both heat and sound can result in savings of up to £556 a year on fuel costs.

In light of the assertions, those considering a kitchen extension could find cost benefits associated with the use of modern materials.

Persimmon Homes suggests that those purchasing a property may find the money which could be spent on a kitchen extension or other upgrade is instead needed to buy new furniture.

The Guardian previously reported that solicitor fees can add to the cost of moving house.

According to the publication, homeowners could be left asking: "Why not stay put, save on moving costs and spend the money on improving what we have?"