Eight new woods to support biodiversity

Trees are not only visually attractive, but also create biodiversity in our gardens.  So, in times when we hear all too much about the felling of trees and how many football fields we lose per minute, it’s heartening to hear of the addition of new forest land.


Whilst the north of England has remained largely well planted and a haven for wildlife too, there is clearly still scope for growth.  Naworth Castle near Brampton in Cumbria’s Lake District has recently been awarded £94,000 through the Forestry Commission’s English Woodland Grant Scheme.  The money will be used to plant a total of eight new woods in 50 acres of its land.

Naworth must have impressed the panel, because it has been given the top award of £4,800 per hectare.  The money will be used to expand some existing copses and start other new ones.

It was seen as being an area of special value as the new woodlands will improve water quality in two waterways that feed into the River Eden.  This will reduce the gathering of sediment, help to keep livestock away from the rivers and minimise future flooding.


Author: Robert Smith

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