Eggshells, coffee and vinegar to fertilise plants

Greenhouse growers wishing to inject some extra life into their favourite varieties need look no further than their own kitchen for ideas, it has been suggested.

A number of products and by-products can be used as handy – and cheap – fertilisers, according to

The online resource stated eggshells can be crushed and worked into garden soil to help nourish plants.

It also suggested used coffee grounds can be spread over the ground to make a "great" fertiliser.

Plants that prefer acidic soil can be treated with a DIY feed made up of two tablespoons of white vinegar and two pints of water.

The mineral-rich vinegar can also be used on species growing under glass by mixing one tablespoon with a gallon of water, the website explained.

Other tips include spreading cinnamon around the base of peony plants to help prevent fungus growth.

Meanwhile, the Royal Horticultural Society has announced its Chelsea Flower Show will feature at least ten charity gardens this year.