Edinburgh Community Gardening Encouraged

Edinburgh’s local community is being encouraged to help celebrate The Big Dig Day on Saturday 16th March, by taking part in planting fruit, vegetables and flowers in their gardens and allotments.

The Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN), Europe’s largest greenspace initiative, is helping to support a campaign of community gardening in Lothian and central Scotland.

The aim is for community gardening to help support good physical and mental health. The hope is that changing attitudes will help build community spirit and encourage people to enjoy outdoor spaces. The CSGN has a general remit of improving the health and general quality of life in the central Scotland region, and has recently been boosted with a £450,000 grant. The CSGN hopes that by 2050 the environment will add value to the economy.

The grant will go towards increasing the number of green spaces available for communities to engage in gardening and social activities, whilst encouraging people to grow their own food.

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