Eco-greenhouse opens in Sydney

A brand new pop-up greenhouse cafe has opened in The Rocks, Sydney, on the first leg of an international tour.

Designed by artist Joost Bakker, Greenhouse is an eco-friendly structure built using sustainable practices, Architecture and Design reports.

Herbs and vegetables are grown on the roof, waste is recycled, water is collected and the generator runs on cooking oil.

Organisers hope it will showcase the latest green technologies, especially the use of broken-down shipping containers to make it.

Meanwhile, all of the light fittings, furniture, glasses and uniforms are made from recycled materials.

Commenting on the cafe, Mr Bakker said: "Sustainable development and organic food production are viable alternatives to the status quo and in many ways, are simply a matter of choice. Greenhouse is an optimistic approach to life, from the buildings we inhabit to the food we eat."

After Sydney, the structure will move to Milan, Berlin, Budapest and London.