Eco-gardening site goes carbon neutral

Online eco-gardening business has announced it has begun offsetting its carbon emissions through

The North American business has joined the charitys CarbonFree Partner programme and is the latest in a long line of businesses looking after the environment in much the same way as many garden and greenhouse owners do in the UK.

The move means that GardenSuperMarts impact on the environment will be reduced through energy efficient practices and the use of renewable energy.

It will also contribute to reforestation projects around the world, which will help cut down on CO2 pollution.

The website itself promotes eco-gardening as a good way of reducing CO2 levels, cutting down on contaminates and improving sustainability.

Among the practices promoted on the site are rainwater harvesting and composting, which many Brits can partake in.

Rainwater can be collected from the garden and used to irrigate greenhouse plants, while making compost of old trimmings and foodstuffs helps fertilise soil in a safe and natural way.