East-coast gardeners get lecture treat

In any aspect of life it feels good to keep up with trends and know the latest information.

Gardening is no different from this, and those who enjoy spending time in the yard and the greenhouse may be keen to attend some lectures over the course of January to make sure they are on top of their game for the coming year.

East-coast gardeners can head down to the New York Botanical Gardens American Gardening Lecture Series, which begins on Thursday (January 15th) at 10am.

The opening lecture will be taken by Ellen Hornig, owner of Seneca Hill Perennials Nursery, according to lohud.com.

The expert will give a talk on South African plants for northern gardens; an interesting subject considering the country is one of only 17 in the world to be considered mega-diverse.

It has around ten per cent of all the known plant species on earth growing in its varied soils.