Early March the perfect time to sow under glass

The beginning of March is the ideal time to sow vegetables such as onions or cabbages under glass, it has been stated.

Writing in the Shetland Times, Rosa Steppanova explains that early salads can also be produced in glasshouses from this time of year.

She explains that mulches can be applied and winter digging – which may have been interrupted by poor weather during the winter months – can continue.

Continuing, Ms Steppanova explains that the cleaning up of fallen tree limbs and other debris from the colder portion of the year can also take place as conditions become more clement.

In related news, rural insurance provider NFU Mutual has given gardeners a range of advice on how to deal with pesky garden pests, such as removing moles by painting the inside of their runs with a paste made from the dung of their natural predators – ferrets or badgers.