Duck nesting at garden and greenhouse site

Garden and greenhouse attractions are often home to various kinds of wildlife, but staff at one Surrey site were shocked to find a duck nesting in a strange location.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), its Garden Wisley Plant Centre is home to Hoisin the duck, which has chosen a hanging plant basket as its home.

Workers at the site are reportedly gobsmacked by the animals choice of home and were even more surprised to see it fly to and from her nest in front of 120 guests at a book signing.

"This is certainly the most unusual nesting site for a duck that I have ever seen," explained Plant Centre manager Nigel Eaton.

However, there is concern that the ten eggs she has laid will soon hatch and that the chicks could injure themselves falling from the 8ft high basket.

There will then be the long trek – or waddle – to water, which staff will have to assist with since the route involves passing through a gate.

Meanwhile, the RHS has appointed a new director-general in the shape of Sue Biggs.