Dry summer good for garlic growth in gardens

Although the dry summer may have played havoc with many gardens, it has proved beneficial in helping the growth of garlic.

Pippa Greenwood has written in a blog for Gardeners World that garlic is one of the "easiest and most satisfying crops to grow" and she has experienced particularly strong results this summer.

One of the main things that have been noticed is that rust infection has been avoided because of the high levels of light that have been enjoyed.

Ms Greenwood wrote in the blog: "This must be the first year that Ive harvested a crop of garlic with no traces of rust. There is not a pustule in sight.

"Rust fungus thrives on moist foliage, so the absence of rust this year can be put down to the dry weather we’ve been having."

To avoid plants being impacted by rust, gardeners are advised to avoid shade and ensure that watering is constant.

Meanwhile, infected plants should be burnt or sprayed with a fungicide.