Drowning in Dereham due to poor ditch drainage

A couple in Dereham have not seen their garden since last April, as it has been waterlogged with no sign of clearing.  The county council has been called in to investigate and look at the effects of a new housing development that the couple suspect is the cause.

They have not only suffered from flooding but also flies and a nasty smell due to the damp.

What’s more, they have lost plants and flowers, such as bluebells and their hollyhocks which were about to blossom.

The council’s flood and water manager is looking into who is responsible for the flooding and said an overgrown ditch was possible contributing.

Gabriel Ash’s advice is, if you are considering siting a greenhouse on land that is at any risk of flooding, to base it on a single course of brick or on a dwarf wall – see our Information pages for further details.

The full news story is at http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/flooding_leaves_dereham_couple_s_garden_under_water_for_months_1_1751365

Author: Robert Smith