Draughty conservatory companies days are numbered

Companies selling cheap and draughty conservatories days may be numbered after it emerged that the government is considering bringing in new legislation that would see conservatories having to meet strict energy criteria.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the change would see conservatories brought in line with regulations that apply to any other new extensions or work done to a building.

At present conservatories are not required to meet energy efficiency standards as they have been historically thought to have been only used during summer months and not heated in winter.

But a recent study from the Building Research Establishment has shown that the conservatory is as much part of the home as the living room or kitchen, with nine out of ten conservatories being used all year round.

According to the paper, new legislation that requires new conservatories to fall into the glazing industrys category A-C for energy efficiency could be in place in just 18 months.

This would mean that any new conservatory would have to be made from quality glass and insulate the heat – something that would drive heating bills down.

Despite the low cost of wholesale oil and gas, the UK market is yet to see any savings that the big six energy suppliers are making being passed on to consumers.