Drainage warning for garden and greenhouse enthusiasts

A wet autumn has caused a common problem to arise for garden and greenhouse fans across the US.

According to the Commercial Appeal, many species – such as rhododendrons – have suffered as a result of excess water in the soil.

Responding to a letter from Memphis resident Lee Duncan, garden expert Booker Leigh explained that drainage can often be the root of the problem.

If this is the case, growers should have their soil tested to ensure its pH is between five and 5.5 if growing rhododendrons.

Adding organic matter to the soil will also help to improve drainage and boost nutrient levels.

While the article advises the use of compost or peat moss, garden and greenhouse fans may wish to avoid the latter after recent news from the UK.

The British government is hoping to ban the sale of peat-based compost products to amateur gardeners due to the environmental impact of extracting the substance.