Dont forget to feed the grass

This summer has seen some magnificent events played out on grass.

Wimbledon, the British Open, Euro 2008 and Royal Ascot all provided thrills but spare a thought for the effort put into keeping the playing surfaces tip-top.

The often-forgotten heroes of sport are the professional green-keepers and ground-staff who work for hours to make sure events can run smoothly.

Just as grass care is a frequently forgotten part of sport, the same applies in the garden.

Gardeners should remember to take care of their lawn as poor quality grass can ruin an otherwise beautiful garden.

Grass website says that feeding grass is just as important as feeding the plants.

"Lawns should be fed year round with a high quality, balanced fertiliser," it advises.

"Ideally, these should be non-scorch fertilisers that do not need to be watered within a few days."

Getting the proper nutrient balance is important, with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium being the main requirements.

Lawns should be fed around every ten weeks.