Doncaster Lions Donate to Town Charity Greenhouse Project

Doncaster Deaf Trust has received £2,000 following the town's annual amateur boxing event at the Dome last month. The generous donation from Doncaster Lions is set to benefit local charity the Deaf Trust and their current Greenhouse Project.

Doncaster Deaf Trust provides vocational education for 150 hearing-impaired students and has had a presence in Doncaster since 1829. The donation will go towards restoring an old, unusable greenhouse in the gardens to be used by students and staff.

Representatives from Doncaster College for the Deaf have been involved in renovating the greenhouse to its former glory including making the cold frames with assistance from the college’s joinery department.

Bobbie Roberts, Chair of Trustees at Doncaster Deaf Trust, said: “We are incredibly grateful to Doncaster Lions for their donation to this project.

“Having previously won a prestigious Silver-Gilt Urban Space award at the Chelsea Flower Show we were inspired to look at the benefits of gardening as an activity for our students.

“We feel it is an important lesson for our students to renovate rather than recreate wherever possible.”

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