Don offers Christmas tips for gardeners

Garden and greenhouse expert Monty Don has distributed some last-minute Christmas shopping advice for those buying for horticulture fans.

He explained that a good pair of secateurs are essential and recommended the Felcos brand, which is described as "not cheap, but theyll last for years and every part can be replaced".

Other tools that make good gifts include pocket garden knives, scythes, spades and hoes, with Don stating that a quality tool will keep its edge for longer.

A useful addition to the gift could be a pocket sharpener to help growers ensure their tools are always functioning properly.

Don also suggested that a holster for secateurs can be useful, as it saves risking your hands or pockets being torn to shreds.

The celebrity grower added that beginner gardeners might appreciate a propagating tray which can be placed in the greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill to get them started.

A former presenter of Gardeners World, Monty Don has previously revealed how horticulture helps him deal with depression.