Don dismisses the traditional British garden ideal

The death-knell of the traditional British garden has been sounded by former Gardeners World presenter Monty Don.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Don said the days of manicured lawns, precise border edges, neatly planted flowers and severely cut hedges are nearing an end.

Instead, the 54-year-old housewives favourite believes gardens will increasingly be allowed to develop more naturally.

"I think theres a fine line between charm and naff," he told the news provider.

"Why shouldnt we allow borders to self-seed? The adage is that a weed is a plant growing in the wrong place. Maybe there are no wrong places."

The general theme being advocated by Don is called "land art", which could include scenes such as a mown lawn bordered by an untrimmed hedge or a clearing of grass found in the middle of wood.

Don first appeared in the greenhouse at Berryfields as the Gardeners World main presenter in 2003 before stepping down in 2008 after suffering a minor stroke.