Dog owners to be selective in what they grow

Dog owners looking forward to getting back into the gardening swing as the cold weather departs have been warned about being selective in what they decide to grow to avoid endangering their pets.

M&S Pet Insurance has come up with a list of plants, fruit and vegetables that are commonly grown in UK gardens, which household pets may take a liking to, but can be dangerous.

Among the toxic plants are daffodils, tomato plants and rhubarb, which may poison animals and lead them to suffer with problems including breathing difficulties, diarrhoea and vomiting.

Vetfone deputy operations manager, Clare Scantlebury, said: "No doubt dogs and their owners will be looking forward to the warmer months and getting out in the garden, but they need to be aware of hidden dangers which can cause real problems."

Meanwhile, onions, grapes and potato peelings are other items that are unsafe for dogs to eat as they roam around a garden.

Gardeners looking to ensure their outdoor space is dog friendly should ensure that a high fence is erected to prevent escape, while big trees will offer shade, particularly when most needed in the summer months.