Does my greenhouse need a base?

A greenhouse base is a type of stand that a greenhouse sits on and it is recommended that greenhouses have a strong base to support the structure. Gabriel Ash provides a number of base options and plans, so you can easily select something that will be suitable for your overall greenhouse design.
Greenhouses can be constructed straight onto level paving stones or onto a level concrete pad. There are many other types of base choices available, so if you have specific needs, such as wishing to site your greenhouse onto a low wall, then you will need to plan carefully to ensure that you are provided with a greenhouse that is right for you.

An important factor to take into account when building a greenhouse base is where your greenhouse will be situated. Your greenhouse will need to be designed and built in a way that will enable it to be supported, so selecting the right type of base is vital. For example, if you are planning to add a planthouse to your garden, then these are usually attached to a dwarf wall. This type of greenhouse will be constructed to your liking, using brick and stone foundations that compliment your garden and home.

Whilst a greenhouse can be built on a simple concrete base, you may have other ideas in mind that will provide your greenhouse with more support. Exploring different types of bases and discussing your plans will enable you to decide what type of base is suitable for the design and position of your greenhouse. Different types of bases provide different advantages. Greenhouses that are built on a low wall, for example, will provide extra insulation in winter, as the bricks will retain warmth after being heated during the day.
If you are unsure about your greenhouse base, then a base calculator will help to give you an idea of what is needed to build something suitable for your greenhouse. Using a base calculator, you can enter the length and width of your planned greenhouse and be provided with an estimation for the amount of sand, bricks and cement that will be required.

When working out what type of base you need for your greenhouse, you will need to look at the ground conditions in your garden. Deciding what materials are suitable for your needs and building your greenhouse in the right area within your garden will enable you to get the most out of the structure.
Those with a larger garden will have more freedom when it comes to greenhouse design and construction. If you have a smaller garden but still wish to grow a selection of plants, then look at greenhouse designs and bases that will suit your needs and garden. If space is extremely limited, then consider adding a set of cold frames to your garden. These are space saving structures that will fit a small garden perfectly and enable you to enjoy your gardening hobby all year round.

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