Do not be afraid to make home improvements

Consumers should not be afraid to carry out home improvements, it has been asserted.

Melanie Wright makes her comments in the Telegraph, explaining that providing a job is straightforward then there are opportunities for people to easily carry out work themselves, which could help them to save money and also add value to a property.

For substantial work – such as kitchen extensions or makeovers – consumers are advised to be on the look out for sales at home improvement superstores and also online, as many offer a discount.

"Never be tempted to try more complicated jobs such as plumbing or electrics if you arent qualified to do so, as you could end up causing serious damage, either to yourself or your home," she concludes.

In related news, business directory recently noted a rise in the amount of substantial home improvements – such as the installation of conservatories and loft conversions – as people look to move "upwards rather than outwards".