Do not attempt complex DIY tasks unaided

People considering complex DIY projects – such as installing a conservatory or kitchen extensions – should not attempt to carry out such ventures on their own if they do not have sufficient knowledge, it has been asserted.

Andrew Leech, technical consultant to the National Home Improvement Council (NHIC), states that anything as complex as wiring and re-plumbing should be avoided as people could be putting themselves in danger if they try to tackle it.

"Unless they are a really experienced DIYer I would say that the maximum they should do is hang up cupboards, paint walls, wallpaper or basic jobs similar to that," he adds.

Mr Leech concludes by noting that "anything above roof level or guttering" should also be avoided by home improvement amateurs as they are also potentially risky areas to work in.

Recent research by Zurich Insurance suggests that professional help to rectify botched DIY mistakes costs an average of £280.