Do I need a Small or Large Greenhouse

Choosing the right size of greenhouse is essential for its success and for your peace of mind. Without a well thought out greenhouse, you run the risk of ending up with either:

  • A large greenhouse which may be too expensive for you to maintain.
  • A small greenhouse which may not suitable for your needs.

There are many things to consider when deciding on the size of your greenhouse. The first consideration is the space you have available for your garden. Dreams of grand greenhouses will not work if you do not have the space.

1. Type of Crops grown

Depending on what you wish to include in your greenhouse, some plants require more space than others. Vine type plants such as tomatoes will need more headroom in order to grow taller. However, you might not need a lot of horizontal space as compared to say lettuce.

Most greenhouse plants can grow with benches above them. However, some will not do so well if grown in the soil and covered by benches. You will need to plan the area of benching and buy a greenhouse with this in mind.

2. Nursery Space

Some plants grown in greenhouses require nursing before they are transplanted to their final spaces. Raising plants from seeds and cuttings will require bench spaces away from the other plants.

It is also important to figure out the exact space that the plants from the benches will occupy. A few tomatoes in a small bench may end up occupying your whole greenhouse.

3. Tools and Equipment

The number and type of tools and equipment will determine the size of your greenhouse. A few hand tools, pots and containers, and even compost for your garden will take up valuable space in your greenhouse. You may find yourself using the garage if you do not plan properly for your greenhouse.

5. The Cost of the Greenhouse

At Gabriel Ash, we keep our greenhouse prices low. However, cost will be an important factor in considering the size of your greenhouse. Most gardeners only look at the initial material and greenhouse setup cost.

Do not forget the heating and running costs of your greenhouse. Figure out the cost of heating per square meter or yard. You may realise that it would be better to own a larger greenhouse than a smaller one due to the cost of heating per yard.

Gabriel Ash will help you in your choice of either a small or a large greenhouse for your gardening pleasure.

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