DIY-shy Brits missing out on savings

If more Brits took up DIY, the UK could save over £220 million and 1.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, a study has found.

Conducted as part of the Energy Saving Trusts campaign DIY Shy, which aims draw peoples attention to environmentally-friendly home improvements, the research found individuals could save £140 on their annual fuel bill by carrying out certain tasks.

It showed the average household wastes £60 per year by not having loft insulation topped up, £40 by neglecting to put a "jacket" on hot water cylinders and £30 by forgetting to draught-proof doors and windows.

Those installing a conservatory should be sure to choose a reputable company to minimise heat-loss after the study found carrying out green DIY tasks could have the same impact as removing 410,000 vehicles from the UKs roads.

"Everyones purse strings are tighter nowadays, and bank holidays are the perfect time to take-stock and check which DIY jobs will save you cash on the household bills," suggested Energy Saving Trust chief executive Philip Sellwood.

He added many Brits seem to be scared to take on simple tasks and could be missing out on saving money.

A recent HSBC survey showed people could add more than £7,000 to the value of their home by investing in a conservatory.