Dinner parties make a comeback

It seems that there is an increasing trend for holding dinner parties in the UK.

Figures cited in the Daily Telegraph show that Marks and Spencer has recorded a 60 per cent increase in demand for casserole beef, while also noting a rise in other party food such as olives, cheeses and scallops.

In fact, sales of dinner party food are outperforming last years figures by 100 per cent while wine sales are up by 200 per cent, according to the newspaper.

The financial downturn seems to have led to an increased interest in dining at home and hosting dinner parties for friends rather than dining out at over-priced restaurants.

The Dinner Party Inspectors TV presenter Meredith Etherington Smith explained that the style of dinner parties has also changed.

"Over the past few years, many people have extended their kitchens into the dining room," she told the newspaper.

"None of us has the energy to polish the silver. People like to go to the farmers market on Saturday, buy some great food and then have pals round the kitchen table that evening."

As such, Brits may look to smarten up their kitchens or dining rooms or even look to add an atmosphere-building conservatory in which to entertain guests.

According to thisislondon.co.uk, London house prices fell by 10.9 per cent in the last year – so adding a new kitchen or dining room might be beneficial in rectifying this problem too.