Designer offers advice for those with small gardens

Designer Kate Gould has offered advice for gardeners wishing to make the most of their small garden. The designer provided several tips in the Guardian, stating small gardens “need bulk to be successful”.

“A planting scheme should always allow for seasonal interest as well as evergreen foliage and ephemeral colour in the summer,” Kate said.

The designer also suggested smaller plants such as Lavandula ‘Hidcote’, Stipa tenuissima and calamagrostis for sunny gardens.

“Some of the smaller perennials are also good when planted en masse. Salvia x superba, Verbena rigida and all manner of heuchera varieties will combine together to give a show that lasts for weeks and weeks,” she said.

Kate also advised gardeners to plan their garden beforehand and to research the plants they wish to grow so that they can be provided with the right conditions and the right amount of care.