Derbyshire prison wins garden and greenhouse gong

Inmates at a Derbyshire prison have won an award for their garden and greenhouse skills, it has been revealed.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), HM Prison Foston Hall has been awarded the title of best kept prison garden in England and Wales for 2010.

Prisoners helped to create and maintain the green space, which has won the recognition of the Windlesham Trophy, which was introduced in 1983.

Formed of a redundant Green Goddess fire engine bell, the gong was established by then head of the parole board Lord Windlesham.

It was presented by RHS president Elizabeth Banks on August 18th and Foston Hall governor Greg Riley-Smith said it was "a real accolade for both staff and prisoners".

He added that the improvements to the prison grounds, carried out by 20 female prisoners, have coincided with a fall in the number of unsavoury incidents at the site.

The garden contains fruit trees, a conifer collection, tomatoes, peppers, fennel and aubergines as well as greenhouses containing fresh produce.

In other news, the RHS recently revealed that a Hertfordshire rose garden is once more welcoming guests free of charge after a £1.5 million restoration.