Cutting energy bills through smart investment

Homeowners thinking about investing in a bespoke conservatory should consider its energy efficiency before committing to a design.

South-facing conservatories will see more sunlight and will therefore attract more heat energy into the home.

While some may be tempted to opt for a cheaper conservatory, it is worth mulling over whether the short-term savings represent better value than the potential long-term costs of having to heat the room due to draughts or poor insulation.

A quality bespoke conservatory should help insulate the home and will save money in the medium to long-term by cutting down on heating bills.

A recent nPower survey showed that 77 per cent of respondents looked to minimise heating bills further by adding curtains and blinds to their properties.

Similarly, 79 per cent intended to save energy by investing in energy-efficient light bulbs.

Of those looking to make their homes more energy efficient, only half said they were doing so to help the environment. The other half admitted their main motivation was money.