Cumbria takes biggest cherry tree title

A storm has left Yorkshire minus its title for having the UKs largest cherry tree, it has been revealed.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), the weather-damaged former champion used to measure 18.5ft around, but has now had to surrender the honour to a specimen in Cumbria.

Described as having the girth of a mature oak, the huge wild cherry tree measures 18ft around and is said to look spectacular when in full bloom in spring.

The massive Prunus avium, which still produces fruit, is thought to be around 150 years old and is located close to the village of Mauls Meaburn.

It is described as a "superb" specimen by the Tree Register, where it is listed as a champion tree.

Meanwhile, the RHS has revealed that a large greenhouse in Londons Chiswick Park is to reopen after years of closure.