Credit crunch leads to blooming gardens

British gardens are looking healthier than ever amid the credit crunch, according to recent figures that show Brits are turning their fingers green to avoid the temptation to spend.

Legal and General found that 42 per cent of Brits spent up to £1,000 on their gardens throughout June, compared with just 32 per cent of people that spent the same amount on anything else outside their normal monthly expenditure.

And it appears there are two reasons Britains gardens are benefiting so much.

Firstly, with the credit crunch in full swing, most people are trying to economise, so by staying put during their holidays and pottering in the garden they will be making their finances much easier to live with.

But perhaps more importantly, a good garden can add thousands to the value of a property, and while moving home isnt an attractive option in the current economic climate, improving one is always a good idea.

And sprucing up a garden is the fastest way to add such value to a home, as one thing that can turn a buyer off more than anything else is the thought of clearing away an unkempt jungle before relaxing in their new home.