Couple reap what they sow by winning competition

A pair of gardeners from Cambridgeshire have been rewarded for their stellar work by being awarded top prize in a recent competition.

Mr and Mrs Barret won gift vouchers for finishing first in the best front or back garden category of a gardening competition run by local housing authority Accent Nene, according to reports.

The husband and wife came first, despite the competition being open to the organisations 3,000 tenants.

Accent Nene managing director Andrew Williams was lavish in his praise for all the competitors.

"All of our entrants put a great deal of time and effort into caring for their gardens," he said.

"They work hard throughout the year keeping them looking fantastic and they should be proud of their achievements."

Judges came out to visit each competitors home and grade their gardens before deciding that Mr and Mrs Barret, from the village of March, should be the winners.

Gardening has become a more and more popular activity in light of the credit crunch, which has caused more UK citizens to look to spend their time and money doing something that has tangible results rather than on holidays or eating out.