Couple have garden stolen

A couple who spent time creating an attractive garden at their UK residence reportedly returned from their new home in Lanzarote to find it missing.

Linzi and Phil Wood were surprised to find the entire contents of their green space – including their hand built shed – had allegedly been moved next door.

Their neighbour claimed he bought a ready-made garden from a third party, without realising where it came from.

"My husband spent £600 building that shed from scratch and the plants must be about £80 as well," explained Mrs Wood.

She added the couple are in the process of trying to sell their home, following their move to the Canary Islands.

The bare garden has devalued the property and will make it more difficult to find a buyer, the homeowner claimed.

Staffordshire police have confirmed they are looking into the matter.

Meanwhile, the Royal Horticultural Societys Garden Harlow Carr has begun allowing visitors to listen to the sound of trees growing, according to BBC News.