Couple build their dream home

One couple who clearly see the benefits of having a room with a view are Denys and Marjorie Randolph.

The pair, now in their seventies, have built a lovely glass-fronted timber home on a four-acre plot in Berkshire.

Architect Rod James designed the house after the Randolphs spotted his work on TV and the result is a south-facing £600,000 home, complete with a large terrace and almost entirely glazed front façade, which allows the home to be filled with natural light.

The plot originally contained a run-down 1930s bungalow.

"To get the view we had to buy the bungalow," Mr Randolph told Grand Designs.

"The guide price was about £250,000, which may seem a lot to pay just to pull the wretched thing down, but planning controls are strict and the only way to build a new house – this is an area of outstanding natural beauty – is to do it in place of an old one."

The home benefits from life enhancing natural light and stunning countryside views and although not everyone can afford to build a home like this from scratch, a conservatory or glass house may be a more feasible option, providing good views and natural light at a fraction of the cost.