Country house with glass colonnade goes on sale

A country house in Dorset with a floor-to-ceiling glass colonnade has gone on sale for a cool £25 million.

The impressive feature, which once formed part of a crumbling old kitchen, was built by American merchant banker Charles McVeigh – who has since decided to sell his grade-II listed Encombe house.

Essentially, the structure mirrors the effects of a giant sky or roof light – but taken to the next level.

Commenting on his decision to sell, Mr McVeigh said: "The challenge of restoring an important heritage property inspired us to acquire Encombe and we have had enormous enjoyment in making all the improvements we have to both the house and the estate."

The house has undergone a series of improvements since Mr McVeigh moved in during 2002, and it came as a surprise to many that he decided to move out after only six years.

Boasting 60 acres of garden, ten outhouses and a swimming pool, Encombe House is sure to attract an array of buyers despite the slump in the property market.