Council looks to speed up conservatory planning application process

Devon council has advised its customers to ensure they fill out their planning applications properly to make certain their conservatories and lean-to kitchen extensions are approved promptly, according to the North Devon Gazette

With the spring fast approaching, households looking to add a conservatory will hope to get it as soon as possible to allow them to enjoy maximum benefits as the garden begins to bloom.

"We understand that customers want their applications dealt with quickly, which is why we are eager to address the issue by looking at how we can improve things our end," portfolio holder for community and spatial planning Des Brailey told the newspaper.

"However, to help speed things up even more, we are asking customers and their agents to double check their forms, to make sure theyre filled out correctly.

"That way, we can get to work on them straight away, to keep our response times as short as possible."

With the council dealing with around 2,000 applications per year, those which are filled in properly will be approved first.

Currently around a third of applications are incomplete and cause delays for the homeowners concerned.

The council is also helping by introducing simpler documentation and accepting updates via email rather than just via letter.

When planning a conservatory, it may be useful to think of its effect on the Energy Performance Certificate that will be needed if the house is ever to be sold or rented.