Could switching suppliers free up enough to pay for a lean-to?

Homeowners looking to use 2009 to add a lean-to conservatory to their property may be interested in recent advice from price comparison site

The sites research shows that shopping around for better deals on bills could save the average household in excess of £2,500 per year – helping free up cash to go towards a home improvement such as a lean-to.

By switching providers or deals on things like utilities, mortgages, telecommunications and credit cards, the average family could save a small fortune.

Simply switching to a mortgage deal that offers a one per cent reduction in interest charges could save around £1,000 per year.

Those with savings could make their money work even harder for them by placing their cash in a high-interest account to maximise the return they receive on it.

With these sorts of savings available, homeowners could be thousands of pounds better off every year, freeing up cash to spend on home improvements, holidays or a new car.