Controversial garden plans for Scottish city

Garden and greenhouse fans in Aberdeen are at loggerheads over plans to build a new public garden site in the Scottish city.

The Peacock Visual Arts Centre is opposing plans to hold an international competition to redesign the Union Terrace Gardens in a raised piazza style, the Royal Horticultural Society reported.

The organisation had already had its own plans for the site granted planning permission, but these ideas will now not be considered under the public consultation.

Instead, regional development agency Acsef is hoping to attract some of the worlds top garden designers and has already enlisted the help of conceptual landscape expert Martha Schwartz.

More than a third of the £140 million required to complete the project has already been donated by local businessman Sir Ian Wood.

"This project is absolutely transformational for the city," explained Acsef chairman Tom Smith.

"Weve got to secure the future and look at projects which are going to create jobs and sustain the economy well into the future."

The site is located close to the citys main rail station, Robert Gordon University and Aberdeen Market.